Stayin' Alive

On the Made in Red Hook Tour

On this day in 2011, Made in Brooklyn Tours was officially formed as a business.

After almost a year of development following the end of my employment with a network security systems supplier that had gone belly up, I embarked on a journey that radically changed my life. A passion for travel, love of all things Brooklyn, a deep appreciation for creative people and innovative businesses. These are the ingredients that went into starting a tour operation that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Coffee on the DUMBO Tour

Starting and keeping a business alive is a daunting challenge!

Over the past nine years I have witnessed firsthand the effects of the high cost of real estate, the predominance of giant ecommerce retailers like Amazon, and an often oppressive regulatory environment. But Brooklyn adapts. Startups keep starting up. Mature businesses reinvent themselves. And makers discover and are discovered by Brooklyn all the time. I'm inspired to keep this precious venture of mine going.

On the Made in Industry City Tour

Made in Brooklyn Tours has cultivated a shining reputation since 2011 and I'm always finding new ways to grow. Last year, I collaborated with real estate companies that are concerned with the communities where they develop to design custom tours for their prospective customers. I expanded with the new Made in Industry City Tour. I partnered with a Brooklyn based business with roots in Tokyo to create a Japanese language Made in Brooklyn Tour. And I made it easier to make special requests on my website.

But I didn't fix what ain't broken!

Yes, I continue to personally lead all Made in Brooklyn Tours. I love weaving the story of Brooklyn from the time of the Industrial Revolution to the present. On my tours we visit 19th and early 20th century edifices where innovators introduced the mass production of cardboard boxes or advanced the development of anesthesia. We tour historic places on the Brooklyn waterfront like the former Bush Terminal, where countless Brooklynites found employment years ago, and see how they've been transformed to meet the demands of the present. We trace the roots of Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer and Corning back to their Brooklyn origins. And interspersed between all this history we meet creative people and businesses who make everything from handbags and accessories to wine.

An Exclusive Made in Brooklyn Tour

I don't know what the rest of 2020 has in store for Made in Brooklyn Tours, but I hope you'll join me on this journey to see where it leads! See who's makin' it in Brooklyn - that's including me!