Made in Brooklyn Tour® of Industry City

A century ago, Irving T. Bush built a monumental, intermodal warehousing and distribution center on the Brooklyn waterfront employing 25,000 people. Ridiculed as Bush's Folly at the time, Bush Terminal would soon become a major international seaport. But by the 1960s urban manufacturing entered a decades-long period of decline as most major manufacturers closed their doors.

Fast forward to the present. An investment of hundreds of millions of dollars has transformed 16 factory buildings with 6M square feet of space into Industry City - a thriving micro-economy of hundreds of innovative businesses.

Join me on an industrial strength Made in Brooklyn Tour® of Industry City. Get off the ground floor and go behind the scenes of a curated selection of unique Brooklyn makers literally "makin' it" in Brooklyn. Tours are designed for small to mid-sized groups for an especially good time together. Celebrate our Creativity, Ingenuity & Entrepreneurial Spirit and see who's makin' it in Brooklyn!

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Made in Industry City Tour

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