Coney Island Saltworks

Made in Brooklyn Tours' own Coney Island Saltworks makes souvenirs out of sea salt from Coney Island Beach and other Brooklyn waters. Made in Brooklyn at the only saltworks in New York City, these diamonds are not for eating! They're designed to make your memories of Brooklyn last forever. Scroll down to learn more about this vintage. Now available exclusively to guests on Made in Brooklyn Tours.

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Coney Island Saltworks

Brooklyn Bridge Souvenirs

Souvenir Sea Salt

Small Batch Souvenir Sea Salt

Vintage 1883

This batch of souvenir sea salt commemorates the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge - the first suspension bridge in the world made with steel cables. The Roebling family was mostly responsible for the bridge's conception, design and execution. And their company produced most of the original steel that suspends it too. The John A. Roebling's Sons Company would go on to make cables for the Wright Brothers first plane, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Otis Elevators in the Empire State Building. Even the Slinky was made with Roebling steel!

Brooklyn Trivia

The Roebling company was contracted to produce cable for the Brooklyn Bridge only after it was discovered that the Eagleton Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn was supplying inferior cable.